You are Where?

Welwyn Garden City House

For those of us living in the Conservation Area it is easy to forget that other parts of our town were built at the same time and many of those that were built later are just as delightful as the area within the original footprint. Peartree may be less cared for by its residents for economic reasons but many of the houses are almost indistinguishable from those in Handside.

To illustrate the point we have put together a small teaser with some photographs from around the town. Can you identify where you are?

WGC House 1WGC House 2WGC House 3

This handsome trio are all in the same area, but where are they?

WGC House 4WGC House 5WGC House 6
These three involve two different closes. The one on the left has its parking notice attached to a tree! The one on the right is not that far away.

An extract from the archives but very familiar to ‘northerners’
WGC House 7

Highlight the area below this line to see the answers:

1. All three are in the ‘other’ Conservation Area in Beehive Green. 2. Left hand pair are Handside Green
3. Right Hand picture is Guessens Walk. 4. Numbers 2 and 4 Handside Lane being built.

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