An Official Unveiling

Peartree Interpretation Board is unveiled

The two interpretation boards recently installed at Handside and Peartree, funded by a grant from County Cllr Malcolm Cowan, were officially unveiled on Monday 7th January on a cold damp afternoon.

In the photograph above taken by Robert Gill are (from left to right) County Cllr Malcolm Cowan, Mayor Bromley, Tony Skottowe and Fiona Thomson.

The Handside event attracted a small crowd of supporters who are pictured below as the Mayor, Cllr Bromley, unties the ribbon on the Handside board. The attendance at Peartree was somewhat smaller but the event did attract some attention.

Handside Interpretation Board after unveilling

Speaking afterwards Tony Skottowe commented on the time it had taken him negotiating the various planning hurdles but that the hard work by Angela Eserin in researching the material and the superb job made of the two boards by Shelley Signs made it well worth the effort.


Above shows the Handside information whilst below is the Peartree history.


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