Welwyn Matches

Welwyn Match Co Ltd labels

The Where Do You Think We Worked? project has resulted in some unusual artefacts being loaned to the Trust to be photographed or scanned.

On this page are some rare Welwyn Match Company Ltd labels. The company grew out of two Belgian match companies that decided to set up factories in the UK. WGC was chosen for the location for what was known as the Welwyn Match Manufacturing Co. and for the Southern Match Co.

Welwyn Match Co Ltd - match box labels

The Welwyn Match Manufacturing Company factory was in Broadwater Road, while the Southern Match Company had the lower floor of a building on the corner of Broadwater Road and Hyde Way. Both factories began manufacturing in 1932 and later that same year were sold and amalgamated into the Welwyn Match Co. Ltd. This company only lasted a couple of years and the factory closed at the end of 1934.

Welwyn Match Co Ltd - match box labels

Our thanks to Mick P for allowing us to add these images to the Trust's archive.

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