Book selling?

Langdon Davies - Buyer at Welwyn Stores Bookshop

The Trust has had a wonderful donation to its archive from Althea R whose stepfather worked at the Welwyn Stores. It includes a letter from George Bernard Shaw concerning the promotion of one of his books.

Pictured above is B.N.Langon Davies who was Buyer for the Welwyn Stores Bookshop - date c1949.

Here is the letter to Langdon Davies from George Bernard Shaw.

George Bernard Shaw letter to Langdon Davies 

Althea herself is pictured in a clipping from the Welwyn Times dating from 1950 together with author Eric Williams as he signs a copy of his book 'Wooden Horse' at the Welwyn Stores Bookshop.

Author Eric Williams book signing in the Welwyn Stores Bookshop


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