Football in WGC - can you help?

Peartree Boys Club football team with their cups and shield

The ‘Where Do You Think We Played?’ project has compiled a list of WGC clubs and societies operating during 1920-1970s. One huge section consists of football teams - there are over 50!

Many are factory teams e.g. Norton Athletic, ICI Plastics, Suchards, Dawnays, Lincoln Electric, Douglas Kane... Others include The Helmets, Woodhall Athletic, Peartree Old Boys, WGC Rovers, City Nomads, Knella Rangers, The Old Stagers… Above is an undated image of Peartree Boys Club football team. It was donated to the Welwyn Garden City Heritage Trust archive by Andy (whose dad Dick Turnbull is pictured - front row second right). Below are some medals won by Patrick Mullin - the medal on the left is unknown, centre is for the WGC Hospital Cup - dated 1947-8, on the right is a Mid-Herts FA Benevolent Cup runners up medal dated 1954-55.

WGC footballer Patrick Mullin's medals

We would love to have a better picture of the footballing history of the town between 1920-1979 & hope some of you can help us with memories, memorabilia or photos. Perhaps your dad, uncle or grandfather played for a WGC team? Are you a football fan - perhaps you could do some detective work on our behalf? If you can help at all please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hyde Social football team

The 1958 photo above shows Hyde Social (? Hyde Rovers) team with Hyde House in the background. It was donated to the Trust by Wendy. Back row: 4th left Jim Rathbone, 5th left David Rathbone, far right Dave Rathbone (Wendy's dad). 2nd left Arthur Woodfield.

The current list of WGC football teams for the 1920s-1970s is below - if you have memories of these or know of any other WGC teams during this period please do let us know!

Attimore (Avery Field, Panshanger)
AVDEL (KGV Playing Fields)
Barnet Comb (Holloway Plastics)
Catomance (Avery Field, Panshanger)
City Nomads
City Wanders (KGV Playing Fields)
Douglas Kane (Avery Field, Panshanger)
Estate Office
Fine Fare
Frythe (KGV Playing Fields)
Handside Youth Club (Avery Field, Panshanger)
Hatfield Hyde
Herons Athletic (Avery Field, Panshanger)
Howlands (KGV Playing Fields)
Hyde Rovers
IBM (Welwyn) (KGV Playing Fields)
Knella Rangers (KGV Playing Fields)
Lincoln Electric
Ludwick Old Boys (Caponfield)
Mid-Herts College (Monks Walk School)
Murphy Radio
Northern All Blacks
Norton Athletic
Old Stagers
Panshanger Whites (KGV Playing Fields)
Peartree Boys (Avery Field, Panshanger)
Peartree Old Boys (Gosling Stadium)
Polycell (KGV Playing Fields)
QEII Hospital
Roche (KGV Playing Fields)
Shamrock Rovers (KGV Playing Fields)
Shredded Wheat
Silverline Motors (Avery Field, Panshanger)
Smith Kline & French (KGV Playing Fields)
Suchard (KGV Playing Fields)
Weirs Sports
Welgar Sports (KGV Playing Fields)
Welwyn Rangers (Gosling Stadium)
Welwyn Stores (Avery Field, Panshanger)
Welwyn Thistle
WG United (Gosling Stadium) Formed 1969 from (Peartree, Thistle, Rangers & Woodhall)
WGC FC (1921) (Herns Lane, Panshanger)
WGC Reserves
WGC Rovers
Wheatley Wanderers (KGV Playing Fields)
Woodhall Athletic
Sunday Football League
Minors League

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