In the audio clips below people share their memories of Social activities.

Name Play
20-35 Club - GordonS
Business & Professional Womens Club - MaryP
Caledonian Society - Scottish Country Dancing - JoyR
Hyde Bowls Club + Hyde Club
Christine Goode + Grace Shepherd

Hyde Club & Scouts - Ron & SheilaH
ICI Wine Society - AnneG
ICI clubhouse & sections
ICI social life
Megan S

Ladies Luncheon Club - AnneG
Ladies Luncheon Club
Nora P

Panshanger Village Day - JohnS
School friendships
Gladys A

Social life in WGC
Jim R

The Ring - MichaelC
The Ring - Youth Committee - Youth Drama Festival -MichaelA
Trevelyan House - dancing-DickR
Trevelyan House Club


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