In the audio clips below people share their memories of Religious activities.

Name Play
Baptist Youth Club
Joy W

Boys Brigade - 1st Company - EricB
Boys Brigade
Brian D

Boys Brigade, Congregational Church Youth Club & Peartree Boys Club - MacM
Choir & Scripture Union
Tony C

Church Choirs, Scouts & play - GordonS
Church activities
Gladys A

John Southey

Girls Life Brigade & Band of Hope
Denise & Brian D

Girls Life Brigade
Ruth N

Girls Life Brigade - GlenysW
Girls Life Brigade - JennyS
ICI + Methodist Youth Club
Megan Southey

St Bonaventures Catholic Youth Club
Dorothea B

St Bonaventures Youth Club
Kevin M

St Francis Boys Club (Mackie's) - ChrisS
St Francis Boys Club & choir
Dick R

St Francis Boys Club (Mackie's) - LenT
St Francis Boys Club - Mackie's
Mary P

St Francis Boys Club - Mackie's
Peter P

St Francis Boys Club (Mackie's) - RichardM
St Francis Church youth activities & Fellowship - ColinC & DavidK
Woodhall Church Youth Group - JennyS


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