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Aerial images of Shredded Wheat Factory

Another recent addition to the Trust's growing collection of material on the history and development of Welwyn Garden City is a set of twelve colour negatives that contain aerial shots of the Shredded Wheat Factory in Broadwater Road.

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WGC Light Railway

The Trust has been given a copy of the Industrial Railway Society's Industrial Railway Record No. 62 dated October 1975 containing a fascinating article on the WGC Light Railway written by Alan M.Clarke which is reproduced below.

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A scroll to mark over 25 years service

This scroll commemorating over 25 years service was given to James Gray by staff at the Shredded Wheat Company Ltd, Welwyn Garden City.

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Pages from a photograph album

An intriguing donation to the Trust's archive is a collection of photographs of 'Winmarleigh'

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Australian Donation To Trust's Archive

Cover of brochure for opening of the new Welwyn Dept Stores

The Trust's archive is continuing to grow through the generous contribution of material from numerous donors. The items held include oral memories, personal photographs, posters, maps and more.

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Early Postcards Of The Town

Duncan is one of the many generous contributors to the Trust's archive. As well as recording his earliest memories of the town he allowed us to scan a number of his personal photographs giving glimpses of life growing up in Gainswood. These included a wonderful set of pictures of a coronation street party, the boys brigade and Peartree School. He also had a collection of early postcards of the town which you can view below.

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Shredded Wheat interiors in 3D?

The Trust has been given an unusual donation of cards picturing the inner workings of the Shredded Wheat factory. The cards, shown grouped below, are stereoscopic images and they would have been viewed through a stereoscope, a device for viewing cards containing two separate images printed side-by-side to create the illusion of a three-dimensional image.

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Addition to online Photo Gallery

Pinnate Place play area 1969Some additional photographs have been added to the Photo Gallery on this website. During the Where Do You Think You Live? project WGC photographer Ken Wright very kindly allowed us to scan a quantity of his photographs to add to WGHT digital archive.

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Our Welwyn Garden City

As part of the Where Do You Think Live? Project the Trust has been able to contribute material to the Hertfordshire Memories project run by HALS Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies.

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Online Photo Gallery Just Launched

Interior furnishingsA photo gallery has just been added to this website!

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Project Management Experience?

If you have knowledge of project management we would like to hear from you as we need such experience to help with a Local Heritage Project we are planning for early next year.

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The Heritage Trust Dream Becomes a Reality

After some time spent developing the final Aims & Objectives of the proposed Trust application forms were filed with the Charity Commissioners and Companies House this week (2nd October 2006) to set up the Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust.

Oaklands College Exhibition

In order to share what the "Where Do You Think You Live?" project has achieved so far the Trust is holding an exhibition of material generated by this project at Oaklands College at The Campus, Welwyn Garden City.

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WGC Photographs

KnightsfieldDo you have a recent photograph of WGC that would fit with the theme of "My Neighbourhood" or "My Favourite Place in WGC"?

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1. All three are in the ‘other’ Conservation Area in Beehive Green. 2. Left hand pair are Handside Green
3. Right Hand picture is Guessens Walk. 4. Numbers 2 and 4 Handside Lane being built.

Plans Laid For Collecting Memories

Following receipt of the substantial funds last month the Trustees moved quickly to purchase top-line equipment, such as that used by leading museums, to enable them to record residents recollections of their early life in Welwyn Garden City. First priority is to teach volunteers how to use the equipment and to organise protocols for interviewing residents with stories to tell.

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Photographing the town!

Trees blossom in Cole Green laneHow do you see Welwyn Garden City today?

The Where Do You Think You Live? project is calling for residents to get involved in documenting the town.

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A Heritage Centre - Your Invitation

Meeting InviteFollowing the successful presentation to a group of Key Stakeholders in Welwyn Garden City the Trustees will be holding a similar meeting for members of the general public.

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Barcley Corsets - gentleman's corset!

A very unusual item has been photographed and added to the archive as part of the Trust's current Where Do You Think We Worked? project. It is a miniature of a gentleman's corset made at Barcley Corsets in WGC during World War II.

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Celebration update!

Looking at current and archive photographs of the town.Our 'social' celebration held at Campus West was extremely well attended with over 60 guests joining us to see how the Where Do You Think You Live? Project was progressing.

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