20 “In the Can”

CanThat was how Dennis Lewis described the state of play with the ‘Thanks for the Memory’ programme. Another 23 are listed for collection between now and the end of the year. “Ambitious”, was Dennis’ comment on that
target “but do-able with a bit of luck.”


Project Management Experience?

If you have knowledge of project management we would like to hear from you as we need such experience to help with a Local Heritage Project we are planning for early next year.


Have you seen this?

Suspicion is growing that the delivery of the new Estate Management Scheme booklets by a council contractor have not been done. Everyone in the EMS area should have had a copy put through their door but many residents have not yet seen one.


A Truly Memorable Visit

The Garden City welcomed back one of its long-lost residents last month when Anthony Titford returned for a visit after a 75 year absence. Mr Titford, now 92, left Welwyn Garden in 1934 when Parkway was little more than a road with a few flower beds and the White Bridge had only just been built.



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Thanks For The Memory

After a few hitches the gathering of memories of the town’s early days is now in full swing. Dennis Lewis, who is leading the project expressed himself well pleased with progress. “We had a few problems with pressing the wrong buttons, but that is all sorted out now happily”, he said.


Partners Bid For Euro Cash

The possibility of some serious cash from the European Union has brought the Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust and the University of Hertfordshire together as partners. Funds up to several million Euros are on offer. Announcing the link-up Tony Skottowe explained that the Trust had been approached late last year to join a group from Paris and Liege to apply for funds. “Aimed at Garden Cities, and how the idea could help town planning now, part of the project is to find ways to reduce energy use in homes. To have any chance of being successful we needed an academic partner”, he said. 


Heritage Trust Goes European

The Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust was recently invited to send a representative to an EU project in Paris based on the importance of Garden Cities throughout the Community. As it turned out Welwyn Garden was the only UK town to turn up out of all those contacted.



1. All three are in the ‘other’ Conservation Area in Beehive Green. 2. Left hand pair are Handside Green
3. Right Hand picture is Guessens Walk. 4. Numbers 2 and 4 Handside Lane being built.

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