The Welwyn Garden City Heritage Trust

The Welwyn Garden Heritage Trust is the organisation promoting this website. It is an incorporated charitable trust registered with Companies House and the Charity Commission.

The AIMS and OBJECTIVES of The Trust are as follows:

  1. First and foremost to record and celebrate the role of Welwyn Garden City in the evolution of town planning worldwide at an appropriate location within the town, by gathering, conserving, displaying and explaining material which illustrates this role, and at this or other locations to conduct educational activities designed to further knowledge of and interest in the subject, for the benefit of the public and any persons in whatever capacity concerned with the subject.
  2. To promote a sense of civic pride within the local community by way of the facilities and activities in matters aforesaid.
  3. To  disseminate as widely as possible both nationally and internationally information relating to the material and where appropriate the activities mentioned aforesaid and to establish links with organisations interested in the garden city ideal, for the benefit of the community at large.
  4. To help promote, in partnership with other relevant organisations when appropriate, high standards of planning, architecture and conservation in Welwyn Garden City which are in keeping with garden city principles and which preserve or enhance its beauty or amenity, and to uphold and promote the garden city ethos and to make these standards known to residents so as to foster pride in their home and its environment.
  5. To help promote, in partnership with other relevant organisations when appropriate, high standards of estate management of the built and natural environment of Welwyn Garden City commensurate with the world-famous status of the town as a model for town planning and garden city design and its importance in the history and evolution of the garden city movement.
  6. To work to secure, in partnership with other relevant organisations and individuals when appropriate, the conservation and enhancement of features of historic and architectural interest within Welwyn Garden City.
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