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On day 5 of the BioPark Public Inquiry Tony Skottowe gave evidence on the experience of living in WGC. He introduced himself to the Inquiry as Chair of the WGC Heritage Trust and a resident of the town for nearly 50 years.

Tony reminded the Inquiry that ultimately this is not about the semantics of planning policy but about a town and its people and the legacy that will be left for future generations.

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For any project to succeed it needs a visionary, a designer and a maker. You will be familiar with the names of Ebenezer Howard and Louis de Soissons, the visionary and the designer but who actually made our beautiful town? The memorial of Welwyn Garden City’s maker stands at the top of Parkway facing across The Campus but not many people know who he actually was.

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A sunny June event in 2021. Tony Skottowe joined members of the Polish Saturday School to give a talk about the history of Welwyn Garden City. From the review below the day went well!

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Gardens, Dreams and Visions – you are invited to join us in the Garden of the World

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On 11th December 2019 trustee and local historian Angela Eserin gave a fascinating talk in WGC Library for some of the volunteers who are helping WGC Centenary Foundation celebrate the town's centenary in 2020.

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