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A Polish Picnic in Parkway

A sunny June event in 2021. Tony Skottowe joined members of the Polish Saturday School to give a talk about the history of Welwyn Garden City. From the review below the day went well!

"Sun, water, blanket, sun cream, snacks, loads of smiling faces and simply a joyful afternoon - that’s it! Sometimes the smallest thing can bring the greatest joy!

After a long year of being at home, a year during which it was often impossible to meet, today’s picnic with the Polish Saturday School in Welwyn Garden City Town Centre was a wonderful opportunity to spend a bit of time together and socialise.

However, our event had a two fold purpose; apart from our get together, 30+ participants listened to a fantastic talk given by Tony Skottowe, Chair of the WGC Heritage Trust, about the history of Welwyn Garden City, which is now 100 years old.

As we often say in Poland - "przyjemne połączone z pożytecznym"! A few hours together, in a great company, was fabulous. We have to do it again! 

P.S: We are truly blessed with where we live!"     Iwona Pniewska and Michal Siewniak