Remembering the QEII Hospital

The QEII hospital site - being prepared for housing in June 2017

In 2015 Dr Dennis Lewis MBE and Peter Gibson of the East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust put together a team who were tasked with celebrating the vital and influential role played by the QEII Hospital before that iconic building disappeared from the town's skyline.

Documents from various archives including Mill Green Museum, East & North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, WGC Library, HALS, and the Welwyn Hatfield Times were consulted and oral histories recorded to capture people’s memories of the QEII. Local historian Angela Eserin went through all the material to write 'The QEII A Hospital's Story', which was launched at an exhibition about the hospital curated by Eleanor Baumber and displayed at the Mill Green Museum gallery in October 2015.

You can listen to clips of the QEII memories recording here and view some of the photographs collected in the Photo Gallery section of this website (click here to visit). The above photograph dated June 2017 shows builders at work preparing what was part of the QEII hospital site for housing.

Name Play
At first Hill End & QEII hospitals
Irene H

At first pre-QEII and opening
Mary P

Auxilary Nurse
Barbara H

Catering assistant
Diane H

Childbirth & outpatients appointments
Linda P

Brenda T

GPs and QEII hospital
Dr P

Heating ducts - maintenance
Malcolm T

Joining QEII hospital staff
Vernon H

League of Friends QEII hospital
Sheila M

League of Friends QEII hospital
Diana H & Sheila M

League of Friends shop in QEII hospital
Diana H

Nurse training at QEII hospital
Bev K, Carmel M & Lin P

Nurses' library at QEII hospital
Brenda T

Nursing assistant
Julie V

Pathology dispatch
Joan L

Pathology dispatch
Nina R

Patient at QEII hospital
Sue O

Processing x-rays
James A

Psychiatric department at QEII hospital
Dr G

Autumn fayre & Christmas
James A

Student nurse at QEII hospital
Linda C

Student nurse at QEII hospital
Sue S

Training & nightshift
Marie S

Uniforms & childbirth
Bev K, Carmel M & Lin P

Ward round at QEII hospital
Dr D

Winding down - closure of QEII hospital
Bev K, Carmel M & Lin P

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