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Aerial images of Shredded Wheat Factory

Shredded Wheat Factory (Bridge Road on left)

Another recent addition to the Trust's growing collection of material on the history and development of Welwyn Garden City is a set of twelve colour negatives that contain aerial shots of the Shredded Wheat Factory in Broadwater Road.

The photo above shows Bridge Road on the left, the footbridge over the railway line leading to Hydeway on the right and houses in Ludwick Way curving off out of the top right of the picture.

We think the three photos shown were taken in the 1980s.

If you have memories of working at Shredded Wheat or have any memorabilia relating to the factory that you would like to add to the archive please do get in touch.


Shredded Wheat Factory-Bridge Rd & Broadwater Rd

In the photograph above the footbridge appears again this time from the lower left, with the main factory building bordered by Bridge Road (left side of picture) and Broadwater Road (on right). The iconic silos can be clearly seen in the centre of the picture.

Shredded Wheat Factory-Broadwater Road & poplar trees

This third photograph shows another view of the Shredded Wheat Factory with Bridge Road, on the left, meeting Broadwater Road. The poplar trees that used to line Broadwater Road are visible on the upper right side of the image.