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Early Postcards Of The Town

Cherry Tree Restaurant - postcard

Duncan is one of the many generous contributors to the Trust's archive. As well as recording his earliest memories of the town he allowed us to scan a number of his personal photographs giving glimpses of life growing up in Gainswood. These included a wonderful set of pictures of a coronation street party, the boys brigade and Peartree School. He also had a collection of early postcards of the town which you can view below.

If you have material you would like us to add to the archive please do get in touch.

First photo above is the elegant Cherry Tree Restaurant and grounds where Waitrose and its car park are now sited.

Welwyn Stores 1st site - postcard

Above is the original site of the Welwyn Department Stores - Rosanne House now stands on this site.

Howardsgate from the rail station - postcard

An early view of Howardsgate - large gaps between the buildings can be clearly seen.

Howardsgate facing the rail station - postcard

The postcard above shows Howardsgate, looking towards the station - before the Coronation Fountain was built!

Rail trucks by Shredded Wheat

Wagons in front of the "Home of Shredded Wheat". Note the sign which welcomes visitors.

The Royal Scot passing through WGC

Above - "The Royal Scot" passes through Welwyn Garden City station.