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13th May for Fourth Garden City Lecture

Dr Nick Falk

Booking is now open for the Fourth Garden City Lecture will be on Wed 13th May 2015 at 7.30pm in the Hawthorne Theatre, WGC. Dr Nick Falk whose URBED co-op were the winners of the Wolfson Economics Prize 2014 for proposals to build new Garden Cities, will be the speaker. The event is a joint promotion with the WGC Society.

Especially relevant are the questions Nick faced for the Wolfson Economics Prize submission including:

Where will our children live?
Is the answer to keep making our towns bigger or should we build completely new towns?
Will the future bring a decent home for the few but not the many?
Should they be like Welwyn Garden City?
How can we afford the roads, railways and schools?
What about jobs or will it mean long costly commutes?

Solutions that emerged from Nick's work are startling and exciting, and will provide the audience with food for thought over how WGC could respond to demands for a major expansion of its housing.

You can book your seat for the talk online, by telephone or in person at the Campus West Box Office.

Click here for the online link.

The Campus West Box Office telephone number is 0300 3039 620.