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Fred W.Amend moved to Danville, Illinois in 1921 and started his confectionery company to produce marshmallow. Later that same year he created a jelly sweet which became known as 'Chuckles'. The Fred W.Amend Company had a UK factory in Broadwater Road, WGC from c1936.

Fred W Amend
Fred W. Amend Company Ltd - confectionery manufacturers - had a factory in Broadwater Road. This image is held in the WGC Library Local Studies Collection.
Fred W Amend
Staff outside the Fred W. Amend confectionery factory in Broadwater Road. This photograph is believed to have been taken in the late 1930s or early 1940s. Amongst those pictured is Rose Sweet, who is the fifth from the left in the front-row. The company was known for making 'Chuckles' fruit flavoured jelly babies. Rose's son John kindly donated this image to the Welwyn Garden City Heritage Trust archive as part of the 'Where Do You Think We Worked?' project.
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