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BioPark Inquiry Comes To An End

After an at times emotional seven days, the BioPark planning enquiry has now come to an end. We would like to thank all of you who generously donated funds to fight the appeal. Below is a paragraph from the closing statement made to the Inquiry by Rose Grewal on behalf of Keep the G and the WGC Heritage Trust. We love her words and just hope the Inspector takes heed of them.

“The history of WGC and the decisions of key players to enable its creation over a 100 years ago is well documented. The outcome of this inquiry will similarly be a decision that defines the future of WGC – whether it continues to maintain its unique identity, or this is the moment in history when the ideal on which it was based begins to fragment, undermining the status and standing of the whole.”

We now have to wait until September 2022 for the Inspector’s decision. If you missed the proceedings you can still view each day on the Council’s website.