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The Trust has recently issued the DVD "Welwyn Garden City - A Brave Vision".

Produced by Angela Eserin, Steve Sullivan and John Watson and directed by Maggie Clarke it has a running time of approximately 55 minutes and was previously only available on video format.

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There are now 145 oral histories in our archive with a team of volunteers continuing to digitally record these personal recollections.

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A small group of us visited HALS in December and left much better informed and very impressed with the range of resources that are available.

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For those of us living in the Conservation Area it is easy to forget that other parts of our town were built at the same time and many of those that were built later are just as delightful as the area within the original footprint. Peartree may be less cared for by its residents for economic reasons but many of the houses are almost indistinguishable from those in Handside.

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